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We Buy Houses in San Diego, CA
No Fees + No Commissions =  More Cash In Your Pocket.


No Fees + No Commissions =

How we can help you today (Landlords and Homeowners):
  • Want to avoid paying high agent commissions and double-digit days on market time?
  • ​Want to convert expensive to maintain, time consuming, and low profit rentals to cash?
  • ​Do you have low equity and need to sell your house right now? 
  • ​Want to remove the stress of frustrating tenants (or family members)?
Choose a process that fits your exact timeline, considers your unique situation, and prioritizes your needs above all else!

Knowing we handle a handful of clients every week should reassure you that we've created the most streamlined, effective, and preferred process available in your local market whether it be: foreclosure, divorce, relocation, selling complications, deferred maintenance and repairs, unwanted vacancies, inherited properties, good homeowners who can no longer afford their payments or can't afford to lose 6% of their home's worth to hiring real estate agents, and especially those those in the sticky situation where they owe more than their house is currently worth.
There are Hundreds of Real Estate Investors in your area saying “We Buy Houses!” But can you trust them to put your family first? Can you trust them to be fair? 

You will never find a company that works more diligently than San Diego Direct Home Buyer  to top the home selling experience.
The Direct Home Buyer Approach!
When you call San Diego Direct Home Buyer you can expect someone from our team to be reaching out to schedule a property walk through to evaluate your home's worth while showing you what it will take to get it "listing ready."

You will be presented with the option to choose between listing your home for sale with a realtor on the open market that we can refer you to, or selling it to an investor like San Diego Direct Home Buyer Group. 

We have over 10 years of experience in the home solutions industry working with hundreds of home owners in San Diego alone demonstrating our experience in understanding the local market and your opportunities. We will show you how an all cash, "as is" offer on your timeline compares to listing it for you and your family. 

We want to present you with all available options to help you make the best decision for your unique situation, 100% remorse free with 100% satisfaction in our team. We never put any pressure on you to make a decision. 

Is your property in need of major repairs or suffering from deferred maintenance?

It's our mission to help! We make all cash, "as is," offers that work on your timeline, no matter the condition or status of the property!

But wait there’s more:
  • ​We buy your home as-is. Nothing is required of you. You won't have to clean or spend a dime on any repairs or upgrades because it is a direct sale! 
  • ​Upon acceptance of our offer, you will know exactly what you will be getting, and on what day. Since we work according to your timeline, we are flexible on the closing date allowing you to pick a date that works best for you!
  • ​We do not use bank financing, meaning there is no long loan approval period! That’s why we can close as soon as 3 days. A fast sale saves you money on homeowners insurance, taxes, and utilities.
  • ​We take care of all closing costs and will never charge you a dime in fees. What you see on your offer is what you will get at the closing table.
  • ​There is no hassle in selling to San Diego Direct Home Buyer. We believe in educating the seller first and foremost. We want to help San Diego homeowners make well-informed and well-thought-out decisions that result in 100% satisfaction with zero remorse!
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